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Plantar Fascia golf ball release #1
Plantar Fascia golf ball release #2




Plantar Fasciitis (Heel Pain): A Treatment Tip












Just look at the area covered by the plantar fascia? All over the foot wow!

Well what is fascia?

Fascia is made up of densely packed collagen fibres known as connective tissue.

Research tells us...

Robert Schleip, Ph.D., at the Fascia Research Project in Germany, suggests that fit, resilient fascia results from stressing our tissues in varied ways... stretching, compressing, and twisting them in multiple directions, at varying speeds, and under different loads.

Injuries to fascia occur due to overuse and underuse

 Too much exercise thickens the fascia... not enough exercise makes the tissue less adaptable to stress 

So here’s the “treatment tip”

Go get yourself a golf ball maybe a towel or just on carpet and apply firm pressure to the undersurface of the foot from heel to forefoot (see previous diagram).


Deep connective tissue massage (self administered and cheap!) to loosen up thickened tissue in the overuse individual


Tensile massage to the fascia to stimulate and adapt the tissue to tensile stresses in the more “relaxed” individual.

Try this for a few minutes per day for 7 -10 days, either in sitting or standing (if you are brave!).

Other factors that wil affect recovery are: age,weight,foot biomechanics and lifestyle.

Of course if  this in isolation isn’t doing the trick then consult your nearest,
friendly and knowledgeable Physiotherapist…

I believe there’s one on High Road, opp IGA supermarket!

Have a good day,


Craig        (Physiotherapist  APAM )

Plantar Fasciitis (Heel Pain) diagram
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