Tennis Elbow “It’s all in the grip”

Tennis elbow is a common problem I see in the clinic. If you have pain on the outside of your elbow, wake up with stiffness of elbow movements and its hurts to grip the kettle or coffee cup in the morning then you probably have tennis elbow.

So what is Tennis Elbow?

The medical term used to describe this condition is lateral epicondylitis. This condition refers to repetitive micro trauma that damages the tendons on the outside of the elbow. Repetitive stress (gripping) causes pain and the resultant laying down of scar tissue as the body’s response to protect itself, only interferes with the healing of the tendon.

The name epicondylitis doesn’t really describe the condition that well as “itis” describes inflammation which studies have shown not to be a major part of the condition. The laying down of the scar tissue restricts elbow movements and restricts blood flow which inhibits healing!

This is the Key to understanding the treatment of Tennis Elbow

You need to reduce the stress on the tendons and the laying down of scar tissue.

Tennis Elbow treatrment protocol can best be compared to a runner with a stress fracture of the lower leg that will only be fixed by stopping running. Easy enough to do;

Just Stop Running!

But to stop using the wrist and hand hmmm! not so easy!!

which is why this condition is sometimes difficult to fix

if it’s your job causing it?

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